Senior Kindy

Our preschool prep program prepares your child for the transition into the Kindergarten program. In our senior kindy studio, your child will be able to participate in activities both on their own or in small or large groups, geared to broaden their experience and foster their holistic development. Our preschool studio is designed to suit the needs of children aged three to five. It is well-equipped with resources to engage and entertain the children. Our qualified educators interact with each child and structure the curriculum to suit their unique needs. We strive to make the children’s time spent in our care as fun and educational as possible.

We deliver a wide range of learning opportunities for the children in the Senior Kindy studio based on the children learning through play and what they observe, as well as planned experiences from our educators and from parent input. We encourage and accept parent input as we believe that the inclusion of the family in the early learning journey helps enrich the experience.

Our Goal

Transition To Kindergarten Through Play-Based Learning
We prepare children for our approved kindergarten program by developing their emotional, social and cognitive skills through activities that include stories and literacy, arts and crafts, construction and manipulation toys, puzzles, gross motor activities and group games.

Our Focus

Empowering Children To Express Ideas And Make Connections

Our program includes individual and group play-based activities to facilitate expression of children’s ideas, enhance creativity and broaden their understanding of the world around them. Our preschool is well equipped to provide your child with ample resources to stimulate their creativity.

Our Programs

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Senior Kindy

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Our Approach

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