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Kindergarten Alexandra Hills – National Quality Curriculum

Our Curriculum - Approved Kindergarten Alexandra Hills

State Approved Standards

Our kindergarten and nursery childcare service adheres to National Quality Standards. Furthermore, we consider these standards to be the foundation on which we build our teaching philosophy and approach upon. As a result, we place emphasis on preparing the children in our centre for primary school, ensuring that they keep up with their peers.

National Quality Framework

At our Kindergarten Alexandra Hills, because we adhere to National Standards, our child to carer ratios are compliant with National Law. Therefore we are able to give every child the best individual care and attention. Our teachers and educators all hold the required level of qualifications as set out by the National Quality Framework. Hence, we are in the best position to provide high quality care.

Intentional Learning

Each lesson and every activity taught in the classrooms is designed to impart valuable knowledge or skill. Our teachers work tirelessly on planning their programs and executing them in the classroom. At Smart Tots, our teachers make sure that every moment the children spends with us matter.

Sensory Play

Especially relevant to the cognitive, linguistic, emotional, and physical skills of young children is the concept of sensory play. It allows them to experience the world on a different level and encourages them to be expressive about how they feel. In our classrooms, we carefully select educational toys and materials for sensory play. In this way, we facilitate and maximise developmental benefits.


While we already know that music is important in our culture, research has also shown that exposure to music in early education has many other benefits. It helps children to speak more clearly, expand their vocabulary and improve social and emotional skills. Consequently, at Smart Tots we strive to incorporate music into our curriculum.

Arts & Crafts

In the same way as music is important for children’s development, so is the practice of arts and crafts. Many studies have shown that it helps children exhibit greater self-expression, emotion control, development of perceptual ability, and fine muscle control. Children feel a sense of emotional satisfaction when making art. Therefore, at Smart Tots we hold arts and crafts classes throughout the programme.


At Smart Tots we incorporate STEM into our programming, in response to the government’s call to introduce Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics at all levels of Australian education to prepare our future generations for success in a rapidly changing world. STEM activities are blended into our day in a fun and entertaining way to foster the natural curiosity of children. We encourage their sense of wonder about how things work and why things happen by providing active learning opportunities to discover, explore and investigate scientific concepts.


Smart Tots is a participant in the government’s ELLA program. This is a fun, digital, play-based learning program to help children become more comfortable with different languages early in life so that they remain engaged with learning languages in later years. Children in the ELLA program learn language through apps called “The Polyglots”.  A cast of characters introduce the children to words, sentences and songs in another language, using a playful approach to learning. There are seven available languages: Arabic, Chinese, French, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese and Spanish.

Outdoor Play

We all know that the outdoors is healthy for children and contributes to their learning. However, outdoor play has more than just physical benefits. It helps children to practice and master emerging motor skills like running, jumping, throwing and catching. In addition, it contributes to social and emotional development as children interact with each other. Our daily schedule includes outdoor activities when the weather permits them. Our facility has a safe, outdoor play area for such activities.