Junior Kindy Preschool Program

Junior Kindy (2-3 Years)

Smarttots Junior Kindy

Our Junior Kindy preschool program fosters your child’s curiosity and encourages independent thinking. We nurture all children to reach their full potential through development of physical, emotional, cognitive and social skills through varied indoor and outdoor activities. Our educators care for the well-being of each child to ensure that their experience and learning is positive and fruitful. Children in the Junior Kindergarten learn how to play with others in a sharing and rewarding way, and learn to understand their feelings  by exposing them to new ideas and concepts.

Our Goal - Promoting Self-Identity and Independence

In our Junior Kindy room, your children will play in a stimulating and happy environment and will learn to express themselves independently. Our junior kindy preschool program is designed to support and nurture your child’s development with their social skills, self-awareness and respect for others.

Our Focus - Development of Self-Help Skills And Holistic Development

We recognise as individuals each child has different strengths and interests. We support this by encouraging children to make their own choices and decisions through self selection and child initiated activities such as what group activities they would like to do or which medium they wish to use for their next masterpiece. This promotes independence and self-help skills.