Health and Wellbeing

At Smart Tots Early Education, we recognise that nutrition plays a vital role in early childhood development and growth. As a result we place emphasis on healthy eating for children.

Fresh food

Menus are created by our centre cook. We follow recommended dietary guidelines to ensure that meals include a variety of foods from the recommended food groups. Meals are prepared daily, on-site in our state-of-the-art kitchen.

Meal times

Meal times are also excellent learning opportunities that are used to teach skills like socializing, sharing and hygiene. As soon as it is developmentally appropriate, children are transitioned from high chairs to a shared eating table where they can interact with others. Children are given support with serving food and feeding themselves and are also taught to exercise their independence at meal times. Children are never forced to eat, rather they choose to eat when they are hungry and ready, with child-sized portions that they are comfortable with.

Healthy lifestyles

Active, growing bodies need healthy food for fuel. Bearing this in mind, our menus offer a range of delicious and excellent food. We cater for the individual and cultural needs of children in our care. An important goal of healthy eating for children at Smart Tots is to encourage young children to establish good patterns of eating. We hope that this will have a lasting, positive impact on their lifestyles when they grow up.

Our Programs

Long Daycare facilities in Alexandra Hills and Mt Cotton From Nursery To Kindergarten.

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Our Approach

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