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Our Educators

Leanne Nehring

Advanced Diploma In Early Education.

Additional Course Certifications: Emergent Curriculum, Language Learning, Reggio Emilia, Infant & Toddler Nutrition, Behaviour Management and Positive Parenting.

Smart Tots Centre Director

I am an advocate for children and am passionate about their care and wellbeing. My vision is to make Smart Tots a “home away from home” for the children under our care and to provide a stimulating, fun-filled environment for them where they can grow and learn in security and comfort. I have over 20 years experience in childcare and love working with families. Please feel free to drop in for a chat at any time.

Sarndra Elliot

Diploma in Children’s Services

Lead Educator – Junior Kindy Room

Hey there, my name is Miss Sarndra!

I am the Education Leader at the centre. My role is to prepare my children for the senior kindy room through developing their self-help and communication skills. I aim to achieve this through intentional learning activities that meet different outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework to ensure that I am meeting the learning needs and holistic well-being of each child.

To ensure that I am catering to the learning needs and well-being of the children in our Junior Kindy room I engage in regular discussions with other staff regarding self-help skills such as toileting and positive communication skills. I also support the staff working with me in our room to extend on these skills in group time activities and one-on-one time with the children. It is important for me as the group leader of the room to make sure the children have these skills so that they are prepared for the next room and so that their transition is an easier process.

I hope that this information has given you all some insight into my room and I’d love to meet you!

Sue Delamotte

Diploma in Children’s Services

Lead Educator – Toddler Room

Hi there, my name is Miss Sue,

In my role as the Group Leader in our toddler room, I ensure that the children are prepared for the Junior Kindy room. This essentially means that I help them develop self-help skills and assist them with learning colours, the alphabet, and acquisition of physical skills through fine and gross motor development. I try to do this by incorporating the centre’s philosophy and the Early Years Learning Framework into all activities that I encourage the children to participate in.

To be completely certain that I am contributing to the development of these skills, I converse with other staff and the centre’s Educational Leader about how I can incorporate these skills into learning activities. An example of an activity in our room is ‘Colour of the Week’ through which the children have acquired the ability to recognise colours over a period of time. I base learning activities on the children’s interests and needs, current research and new ideas while preparing them for the Junior Kindy room.

Please drop in with any my enquiries, I would love to meet you.

Miss Sue.

Jennifer Chuang

Bachelor of Early Childhood Education

Kindergarten Teacher

Hello, my name is Jen!

I am the teacher in the Kindergarten Room at the centre. My role as a teacher in the Kindergarten Room is to help prepare and guide children to be ready for their first year of formal school (prep). I aim to achieve this through guided learning and free play that aligns with the national early childhood education curriculums: Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines (QKLG).

I offer children learning experiences and environments that are designed to meet their learning needs and goals. These learning experiences promote the children’s social skills, physical abilities that involve fine and gross motor skills, a child’s self-confidence through refining self-help skills, and problem-solving skills.

I plan and implement activities for the children that are based on their interests. Incorporating children’s interests in the program ensures children are confident in wanting to learn and helps the children to participate and be engaged. It is essential that children are engaged in activities to enhance the necessary skills of starting formal school.

I am open to new ideas through communication with children, staff, families, and the wider community. Face-to-face feedback and a communication book is available to the families to discuss and understand their child’s development and learning. I believe it is essential for open communication within staff, families, and the wider community to ensure that the best program is delivered to the children.

I hope this has given you an insight of the Kindergarten Room at the centre and I hope to see you drop by!

Makarla VanderMeer

Cert III in Children’s Services, studying Diploma in Children’s Services

Educator – Nursery

Hi there my name is Makarla.  I am an educator in the Nursery at Smart Tots Childcare . In my role as an educator of the nursery room I focus on sensory learning and development – this includes: Singing, Talking, and Reading as language is a vital, lively part of communication with infants. Play where they enjoy mastering new skills of grasping, moving and exploring. They also develop their senses, such as sight, touch, smell, taste and hearing. This includes visual displays and the playing of music that infants enjoy.  I’d love to meet you, please drop by.