Reconciliation Action Plan

"Contributing to the National Reconciliation Movement"

Building our Community

How well we work as one.


The child, again represented by the star, is at the heart of the family. Family sits around in love and support for the child, prepared to embark on the kindy journey


As the child symbol was at one end of the songline to represent the journey starting with the child, the culture symbol is at the other to represent it being present though the whole journey. It does not come in at a defined point. The motif has the representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art symbols.


The family is represented at the centre with the community surrounding. It takes a community to raise a child and they are there in support of the family.


Trust motif was created to be strong and soft. The strong structure of the motif representing the strength of a solid foundation built on trust. This can be felt between the family/educator, family/ department, child/educator and other relationships formed during the songline journey.

Smart Tots Early Education supports the reconciliation action plan in by providing culturally responsive and inclusive education for all children. Smart Tots Early Education acknowledges the traditional owners of the land, respects the diversity and histories of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and engages with local communities and organisations. Our Early Education and Childcare Service also implements a curriculum incorporating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives, languages, and ways of learning. By doing so, Smart Tots Early Education aims to foster positive relationships, mutual understanding, and social justice among all children and families.

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