Long Daycare Alexandra Hills From Nursery to Kindergarten

Smart Tots provides approved Long Daycare services. Our brand new centre is next to the Alexandra Hills Shops. We provide professional child care services for babies and toddlers from nursery up to kindergarten level. Our Childcare centre is open from Monday to Friday every day from 6.30am to 6.30pm, except on public holidays.

One of the most important aspects of our childcare service, is that we have an open-door policy. Because we understand that parents need to have an active role in their child’s education, we welcome parents to drop by at anytime. We provide clear feedback on every child, and parents are encouraged to communicate with their children’s teachers.

Children learn through interaction. Due to this, at Smart Tots Long Daycare Alexandra Hills, we see every activity as an opportunity to learn. We pay attention to the child’s physical, personal, social, and emotional well-being in addition to the intellectual aspect. Consequently, our approach to learning integrates literacy, numeracy, arts, crafts, music and outdoor play.

Children begin to make sense of their world through the early years of their development. Because of this, our teachers create intentional activities and routines that help develop the social and cultural dimensions of children in our care. We aim to instill behaviours that are valued by our community such as respect for cultural diversity and respect of others.

At Smart Tots we offer a state-of-the-art play and learning environment. We have a wide range of equipment and age-appropriate educational resources, including digital media. However, only media and equipment that is developmentally appropriate is used. Furthermore, our childcare service makes use of technology in the classroom to expand, enrich and individualise the overall curriculum only when it will facilitate a better learning experience.

Smart Tots is an exciting new childcare service committed to providing high quality care for children. At the heart of our philosophy is that care, dignity and respect be given to each child, in relation to their uniqueness and indivduality, learning styles, growth and cultural backgrounds. We have made every effort to provide an enjoyable and challenging child-centered learning environment where children are encouraged to learn through play so that they will enjoy learning throughout life.