Our Kindergarten preschool program is developed under Queensland Government Guidelines and is delivered by a bachelor-qualified teacher. Educators in the kindergarten room guide children by designing learning environments that develop essential skills that enable children to work and play cooperatively with each other, share, and take turns.

Opportunities at our Kindergarten  are provided for children to expand their fine and gross motor skills and to express their creativity with a variety of materials. These learning experiences build up their confidence and refine their self-help skills. The children will have opportunities to explore and discover the world around them through active participation in guided learning and free play.

Our Goal

To prepare children for entry into formal school life

Children are provided with the skills to help them prepare for entry into formal school life, including a greater understanding of literacy, numeracy, the arts, inquiry, language, and the alphabet. We actively incorporate STEM activities into our curriculum, so the children can discover and explore their world through play-based learning of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Our Focus

Amazing Use of co-operative play to expand on all levels of skills

Our Kindergarten school readiness program offers your child the opportunity to expand their social, emotional and cognitive  skills so that they are confident when the time comes to begin formal schooling. We offer an experience to children that extends their thinking, reasoning, and problem solving abilities.

Alexandra Hills

Vienna Woods Pre-Prep Visits

Smart Tots Early Education in collaboration with Vienna Woods State School, provideds a Pre-Prep Visits program. Over a period of a few weeks, our Kindergarten group participates in a range of activities at Vienna Woods to get a taste of “big school”, and to help them transition successfully to school. At these sessions, kindy children are invited to share stories, engage in activities and use Vienna Woods facilities such as their Discovery Centre, Music Room and the Oval.

At What Age Do You Start Kindergarten In Australia?

In Australia, the term “Kindergarten” means different things, depending on which state you live in! In many states, the first year of school is called “Kindergarten”. In Queensland, however, the first year of school is called “Prep”and the year before school is called “Kindergarten”or “Pre-Prep”. See the infographic below. At our Smart Tots we offer a Queensland Government Approved Kindergarten Program. As such our kindergarten program is:
  • provided for children in the year before Prep. (i.e. for children who are 4 by 30 June in the year they enrol)
  • provided for 15 hours a week at a minimum
  • delivered by a qualified early childhood teacher
Smarttots Kindergarten

Our Programs

Long Daycare facilities in Alexandra Hills and Mt Cotton From Nursery To Kindergarten.


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Ages 0-2 years old

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Junior Kindy

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Senior Kindy

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Ages 3-5 years old

Our Kindergarten preschool program is developed under Queensland Government Guidelines and is delivered by a bachelor-qualified teacher…

Our Approach

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