Early Education Centre Team | Alexandra Hills

Our Team

Our early education centre team have been carefully selected on account of their passion for children , their experience, professionalism and dedication to education. A common theme in feedback from parents is praise for the wonderful caring and supportive nature of our staff.

Our Teachers and Educators

Our teachers at Smart Tots are qualified professionals. In addition, as required by the National Quality Framework, our educators possess a Diploma in Children’s Services or Certificate III in Children’s Services. We also have a bachelor-qualified Kindergarten teacher. All our employees undergo full first-aid training including Anaphylactic and Asthma and hold a current blue card. All our staff operate to the highest standards of professional ethics in all aspects of their roles and responsibilities.

Continuous Training

Smart Tots Childcare also conducts periodical training to make sure that our teaching staff are up to date with the latest studies and best teaching practices in early childhood education. This training is conducted by other professionals in the field. This ongoing professional development of our employees contributes to maintaining the highest quality of childcare services.

Optimistic School Culture At Our Early Education Centre

We believe in setting a good example for the children. All of our staff are positive and encouraging, not only towards the students and their families but also towards one another. At Smart Tots Child Care, we encourage our teachers and caregivers to interact with the children in their care with patience, humour and respect. Our team has created a fun and creative atmosphere at our childcare centre. Come and visit us so you can meet our fabulous team and experience this for yourself!