Toddler Childcare


Our early childhood education program provides a fun setting for your child to discover and explore their senses. In our toddler room our staff are dedicated to providing a safe and stimulating environment for your child. Our early childhood educators will be there to help guide your child in the direction which they need.

We will help each child by building relationships with each individual and providing them with a nurturing experience throughout their day. This will help each child build their confidence in a home away from home. While being in our service each toddler has the opportunity to build relationships with their friends within their age group and other age groups within the service to help their growth.

Our goal

Growing and Exploring Through Play
Our play-based learning approach is a critical part of our philosophy. The activities in our toddler room are designed to take advantage of indoor and outdoor experiences and transform them into teachable moments that impart valuable knowledge and skills. Through out each toddlers day they are provided the opportunity to explore all their senses using stimulating activities.

Our focus

Providing a Stimulating Fun Environment To Develop
Our centre has a variety of spaces to inspire the imagination and creativity of your toddler. We engage with our little ones in small and large groups or through individual activities. Indoor and outdoor activities help support the growth in small and large muscle while discovering the outdoor environment. Each child is provided the support to help build their fine and gross motor skills which are a vital part of their growing.

Our programs

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Ages 0-2 years old

Our early childhood education program provides a fun setting for your child to discover and explore their senses. In our toddler room our staff are dedicated to providing a safe…

Junior Kindy

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Our Approach

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